return to paradise

I was fortunate enough to be able to get away for a working vacation in the middle of bleakest February this year to the sunny tropical climes of St. Lucia in the West Indies. It was 6 degrees Fahrenheit when we flew out of Washington that morning and a balmy 84 degrees that afternoon while I sat under a palm tree with a fruity drink in my hand. Life is good.


Autumn Again

It's my favorite season of the year again…


Home Land

A new series, based on my annual Memorial Day visit to my hometown in Pennsylvania. Always a bittersweet visit since both my parents have passed away. There is no family home to return to; only memories.


New book cover illustration for Penguin/Random House


Deconstructing in Order to Reconstruct

There does indeed come a time when one has to tear down and dismantle the old structures in order to rebuild and renew from within. I feel like I am trying to make sense of that lately. I'm a little past having a mid-life crisis, but it has certainly been a time of existential questioning. I think I will now do something completely new and unexpected just to make sure I still have a pulse. I have torn myself asunder. Now it is time to be re-created.



New series for Spring 2014


Emerson Claire de Lune

Today is my exquisite daughter Emerson's seventh birthday. Please join me in honoring my smart, strong, beautiful girl in this look back at her first seven years on earth...

Emerson Claire: The First Seven Years by Slidely Photo Gallery


Instant Gratification

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This is where I post my out and about, off the cuff shots. This is my visual journal...the good, the bad and the ugly of daily life as an observer. This is where the images and ideas are gathered, internalized and sometimes reborn as new art. This is my life as it happens.


Branching Out

You know it is Spring at last when I am in the studio and painting. Happy.